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Quality electrical connection systems that include connectors, adapters, controllers, spiral cables, cable junction components and E-Kits that provides a safe and secure connection between your towing vehicle and trailer in both heavy and light vehicle applications.

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A team of professional engineers in Germany, UK and New Zealand ensures the wiring and control solutions keeps pace with the latest vehicle standards and towing technologies. This includes CAN-bus integration as well as other automotive control systems.

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Customized Solutions

We do not only offer you a product but also a full service around it. Our range comprises standardized products as well as customized products to meet special customer needs. Our engineers will gladly develop solutions for your application.

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Quality electrical towing and auxiliary connection systems for the automotive, defense and agricultural industry.

Erich Jaeger Asia Pacific & Africa offer a wide range of high quality electrical connection systems and fitting accessories for the automotive sector. We offer products for many different applications, from 12V to 24V and from 2-pin to 15-pin plugs, cables, adapters, control modules and sockets. We provide:
    Electrical Connectors, Adapters and Cables
    Vehicle specific, LED compatible CAN-bus and Analogue Wiring Harness kits designed from the ground up for the Asia Pacific & Africa regions for transmitting the electrical functions between towing vehicle and trailer.
    Electronic Modules (Analogue, ISOBUS and CAN-bus solutions) tuned and developed to work in local markets.
    Wiring Harness and Components for a variety of automotive applications.
    High Speed Data Connections
    Crimping Tools and Equipment.


Waterproof Connection Systems X-Class

Waterproof Connector 7 Pin Flat

Waterproof Connector 7 Pin Flat

Spectrum Brake Controller

When Mercedes-Benz wanted the best trailer socket and towing wiring kit for their new X-Class, they came to ERICH JAEGER.

Water getting into your vehicles electrical system from the trailer socket can cause havoc with the electronics of your vehicle.

This is why Mercedes-Benz chose the IP Rated EXPERT Socket from ERICH JAEGER to handle the elements including making their wiring systems watertight. If your vehicle's trailer socket connection is going to be exposed to water, make sure you insist on an ERICH JAEGER EXPERT Watertight Connection System. Watertight sockets will be included as a standard item in all ERICH JAEGER E-Kits. Truly, Connectivity at its Best.

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ABS-EBS/24V Watertight Socket with Screw Contacts

The ABS/EBS (ADR) connectors are used on nearly every commercial vehicle type with ABS/EBS Systems. They include safety features such as automatic ejection of the plug in case of mismating.
Thanks to the innovative rotary contacts with a single-ring seal and the end cap with an integrated flat seal, the entire socket is sealed to the front and rear. Watertight to IPX7 and IPX9K.
The small size of the socket allows for an installation even if the space is limited.




What’s New?


Erich Jaeger Asia Pacific are very pleased to announce the appointment of Baxters as an official Erich Jaeger distributor.

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Online Catalogues

We have just launched our New Online Product Catalogues. Now it is even easier to find the solutions you are looking for from our vast range of products and solutions. We have also added a Full Screen mode for added convenience.

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Spectrum Brake Controller Ranger

ERICH JAEGER Asia Pacific & Africa Introduces the first Ford CAN-bus Towing Electrical Connection System with integrated Spectrum™ Brake Controller Technology. A Complete Electrical Towing solution for your Ford Ranger (PX2 and PX3).

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Spectrum Brake Controller Ranger

ERICH JAEGER Introduces a Waterproof ABS-EBS 7P/24V Socket (ISO 7638-1) with screw contacts. Perfect for aftermarket fitment. Thanks to the innovative rotary contacts with a single-ring seal and the end cap with an integrated flat seal, the entire socket is sealed to the front and rear.


Main Catalogue 2018

We have just released our New 2019 Main Catalogue. There are many new products including our new Watertight Connectors.

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LDV and SsangYong New Zealand adopts the ERICH JAEGER EXPERT Watertight 7P/12V Flat Socket Solution for their towing wiring kits.

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