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Development of Connection Solutions

Tow Bar Wiring Solution
Wiring connection solutions are available in various socket configurations and meet all the local specifications and requirements. OEM quality model specific connectors are used in most instances.
XHD Socket
Our premium solutions include items such as detailed installation instructions, LED compatibility, Trailer Control Modules and our new patented watertight socket.


OEM Quality Connection Solutions

Our connection solutions are mostly vehicle specific due to the many advantages this provides. We provide these solutions in many socket configurations.

The solution can be specifically designed to meet specific customer requirements such as customized auxiliary power feeds. All our solutions meet stringent European and Australian automotive quality standards which includes the quality of the components, wire gauge and connectors.

We are able to offer localised solutions but with exceptional New Zealand and German design and engineering.

Our Solutions has the following advantages:

Rapid installation thereby reducing overall cost.
Model specific OEM connectors in most instances which results in secure and robust connections.
CAN-bus compatibility where required thereby ensuring vehicle systems such as trailer stability and parking sensors operate as intended.
European quality components and materials as well as robust German design which means your vehicles electronics are protected.
Custom design to meet your specific requirements.
Manufactured in an ISO certified production facilities.