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Vehicle Specific Wiring

Vehicle specific wiring overcome many of the issues associated with universal wiring kits.
Model specific OEM connectors are used whenever possible.

Vehicle Specific Wiring has many advantages over universal kits

Vehicle specific wiring kits are matched to specific vehicle models. It provides many advantages over universal kits.

  1. They have exact cable lengths. This means the routing and layout of the wiring is optimal.
  2. The connection plugs to the vehicle harness are model specific. These results in quicker wiring fitments as well as more robust and durable connections.
  3. All the components and their functions are optimally matched to the vehicle. This includes vehicle specific grommets, electronics and connectors. This means the kit fits correctly.
  4. All the parts required for a robust and efficient installation is provided.
  5. Detailed installation instructions are provided. Any special features are explained in detail. Reference is also made to specific manufacturer’s requirements such as vehicle coding requirements.
  6. They are designed to switch model specific safety features such as trailer sway control programs and lane change assist.
  7. The trailer CAN-bus towing module is programmed to communicate with the specific vehicle make and model.