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Erich Jaeger Solid State Trailer Module

JaegerCANtrol Module
This module has automatic trailer detection and will deactivate your reverse sensors and/or rear impact detection system when a trailer is connected..



With a trailer attached and using the Erich Jaeger developed Mazda factory wiring solution, your SCBS-R is automatically deactivated. This is required because your vehicle will brake when reversing as it sees the trailer as an obstacle.



Many features into one Solid State Trailer module.

Our new Solid State Trailer module offers many advantages and features not usually found in an analogue wiring system. These include:

  • Full channel vehicle circuit protection. This ensure that the vehicle electronics is protected regardless if the operating condition of components plugged into the trailer socket.
  • Trailer bulb out detection. In the instance that an indicator bulb fails on the trailer, the driver is alerted with an increased indication frequency.
  • LED compatibility. Bulb-out detection even works if you have LED lights on your trailer. The module has been specifically tuned to work with the wide variety of local LED lamps used in this market.
  • Silent operation. Due to the solid state components used the unit operates in total silence.
Automatic trailer detection.
Automatic PDC Deactivation on trailer detection on vehicles that support this feature such as the Mazda Range.

Erich Jaeger towing solutions provides customers with a smart towing solution that not only protects the vehicle but provides the customer with an enhanced level of safety.

Mazda Smart City Brake Support - Forward and Reverse

Helps prevent, or lessen, low-speed impacts. At forward speeds of 4-30km/h, SCBS monitors the vehicle in front to assess the possibility of a collision. If the system detects a high risk of impact it issues visual and audible warnings, while priming the brakes for faster response should the driver brake. If the driver does not brake, the brakes are applied automatically. Also works in reverse at speeds of 2-8km/h.

With a trailer connected it is critical that the rear facing SCBS system be deactivated. The Erich Jaeger Trailer Control Module does this automatically.