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Check Control (Bulb-Out Detection)

JaegerCANtrol Module
When a JaegerCANtrol© module is used, a separate checking module is not required as this module performs the checking function.
Check Control
With a JaegerCANtrol or Jaegertronic module the warning for a faulty trailer bulb is similar to the system used by the vehicle. The frequency of the turn signal increases.


Bulb-Out Detection is an important safety feature

The concept is the driver will be alerted to failed trailer lamps using various warning methods. These warning methods will depend on the type of electrical and control systems used in the vehicle. Indicator lamp failure checking is law in Europe and some other countries like the UK. It is optional in Australia and New Zealand. We believe it is a critical safety feature that should be included in local wiring solutions where possible.
It is critical that the warning system integrates with the vehicle systems. This can only be achieved with a vehicle specific solution. A universal wiring solution could potentially harm electrical components in the vehicle if not thoroughly tested with the specific model it is fitted to.

All our bulb-out detection modules are LED compatible which means they can detect a substantial LED lamp failure as well. This feature has been tested with all major brands of LED lamps.

JaegerCANtrol or Jaegertronic Module

Where a JaegerCANtrol© module or Jaegertronic module is used, no additional controllers or modules are required as the checking function is controlled by the JaegerCANtrol and Jaegertronic module.