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The support portal is the place to find all the information you need to make installation a breeze. The information is updated continuously as we get feedback from the field or when updates are made.



Online Support Portal - E-Kits and Brake Controllers

An online support portal is available to assist installers. It contains all the technical specifications, fitment instructions, diagrams, technical notes and installation photos to make the installation process easier.

Detailed Fitment Instructions

It is critical that the technicians have as much information as they need to ensure a rapid and secure installation. We go to great lengths to develop detailed fitment instructions. We have in-house graphic artists that develop detailed technical illustrations for each vehicle model. We also work closely with the customer to ensure critical model specific information is included.

Technical Training

Training of dealership technicians can be provided to ensure the installation is done in the shortest possible time. It also ensures the system operates as designed and reduces the risk of issues due to incorrect fitment.

Logistics and Supply

We can work out a supply and logistics plan to suit the needs of each business. Contact us to discuss.

Custom Solutions

We all know that things can be done a bit differntly in our region compared to the rest of the world. Customs solutions are therefore needed to meet these unique local requirements. We are able to offer customized solutions. This not only includes custom packaging and branding but also specialized solutions to meet your specific requirements.