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Supplier Cooperation

We strive to work with the best suppliers. In doing so, our requirements towards our suppliers enable longterm cooperations and mutually beneficial partnerships.


Requirements for the cooperation with our suppliers

The following requirements have to be met by suppliers of ERICH JAEGER

An online support portal is available to assist installers. It contains all the technical specifications, fitment instructions, diagrams, technical notes and installation photos to make the installation process easier.

  Strong competitive position with regard to cost, quality, innovation, adherence to delivery dates and to quantity stipulations as well as flexibility.
  Compliance with the following quality requirements:
    Quality Management System according to DIN ISO 9000 et sqq. or QS 9000, VDA 6.1 or ISO/TS 16949.
    Zero-Defect-Principle for all deliveries.
    Application of Continuous Improvement Process.
  Commitment to observing valid European and national environmental laws and regulations:
    Compliance with EU-directives in „End of life vehicles“ (2000/53/EG) and in “Restriction of Hazardous Substances“ (2011/65).
    In addition, the supplier should aim at integrating an environmental management system according to EN 14001 into the company organization.
  Compliance with all international and national statutory provisions in the relevant version with regard to the following aspects: labor protection, fire prevention, health protection, environment protection, product safety and product liability.
  Acceptance of conditions for purchasing, quality assurance agreement and conditions of framework agreement of Erich Jaeger.
  Optimization of business processes through billing of deliveries and services via credit memo procedure and use of delivery schedules.