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Product Innovations by ERICH JAEGER

Metal Connectors to SAE J560 (Lighting)
The 7-pin 12V Metal connectors according to SAE J560 are built to last and to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. High durability thanks to heavy-duty zinc alloy housing and solid brass terminals (nickel-plated). [More..]
1 Gbit/s High-Speed Data Connector
In the not-so-far future, trailers will face a few new challenges: They will be equipped with cameras and sensors which will transmit signals to the driver conveying information on the vehicle’s environment and condition. [More..]
Brake Controller Technology
8 Gbit/s High-Speed Data Connector
The new innovative high-speed connector transmits sensor and camera data from the trailer to the cockpit of the towing vehicle.
The data transmission rate from the trailer to the towing vehicle is up to 8 Gbit/s and is so far unique in this field. [More..]
"JAEGER BASIC" Waterproof 12/24V Sockets (Lighting & Braking)
Thanks to the innovative rotary contacts with a single-ring seal and a sealing ring integrated in the end cap, the entire socket is sealed from the front and rear.
The socket is exceptional due to its small size for all installation situations. [More...]
Mazda BT50
"JAEGER EXPERT" 7P/12V 100% Waterproof WEATHERLOCKTM Flat Socket - AS 4177.5 (Lighting)
The new 100% watertight 7P/12V connector system by ERICH JAEGER - completely tested according to the Australian standard AS 4177.5. It follows our philosophy that we make connections between vehicles and trailers more comfortable and safer. [More..]
"JAEGER EXPERT" 12/24V Sockets (Lighting and Braking)
ERICH JAEGER has optimized the systems according to ISO 12098 (15P/24), ISO 7638-1 (ABS-EBS/24V) & ISO 7638-2 (ABS-EBS/12V)We now have the socket as a new "JAEGER EXPERT" version, in which the whole socket is sealed from the front and rear. [More..]
"JAEGER EXPERT" 100% Waterproof WEATHERLOCKTM12V Sockets SAE J560 (Lighting)
Another JAEGER EXPERT Waterproof socket for SAE J560 ligting application in trucks with a 12V system. The sockets are watertight to IPX7 & IPX9K. [More..]
Mazda BT50
NEW - Spectrum Brake Control (Braking)
When the leader in vehicle towing electrical interconnects, ERICH JAEGER ASIA PACIFIC, wanted to develop a New Generation brake controller, they teamed up with the FIRST name in towing products and the leader in brake controller design, development and technology, CURT Manufacturing USA. [More..]
"JAEGER BASIC" ABS-EBS 100% Waterproof WEATHERLOCKTM 24V Socket - Screw contacts
A 24V braking (ABS-EBS) Waterproof Socket (ISO 7638-1) that has screw contacts which means it can be fitted aftermarket without crimping tools and retain its water tightness. It is tested to IPX7 and IPX9K. [More..]