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Trailer Sway Control

Trailer Sway Control
Our JaegerCANtrol© module facilitates communication with the vehicle control modules using CAN-bus. It therefore fully integrates with the vehicle and activates the trailer sway control program.

Holden VF Commodore - Trailer Sway Control


Trailer Sway Control

The JaegerCANtrol© module has been designed to be used in modern cars with CAN-bus technology. (Controlled Area Network). This allows the auxiliary wiring harness to integrate with the vehicle CAN-bus system in order to manage and activate various critical functions. One of these critical functions is called trailer sway control. Why is this important? Let us look at what can happen when you tow.

Trailer swaying is something that can happen without warning when you tow. It is when a trailer starts "snaking" from side to side above a certain critical speed. This can happen due to many factors including incorrect trailer loading or poor maintenance of the trailer such as improperly inflated tires.

Trailer stability programs use various sensors and measures in order to activate the required counter measures to prevent snaking. These measures include wheel speed, throttle position, steering wheel angle, yaw rates and lateral acceleration to just mention a few. Trailer swaying is a serious problem and can lead to very bad accidents due to a loss of control of the vehicle. In severe cases the vehicles sway control system will slow the vehicle down to prevent a serious accident.

When the system detects any yawing (snaking) in one direction it applies brake pressure to the opposite side of the vehicle. This is also called asymmetric braking. This continuous monitoring and correction provides the driver with added confidence and safety.

Many vehicles now include this program which is only activated if a compatible model specific and CAN-bus compatible wiring harness is used. Our JaegerCANtrol© module facilitates this process. Vehicle models currently supplied with this feature includes the Mazda BT50, Ford Ranger,Ford Kuga and Volkswagen Amarok.

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