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Automatic Trailer Detection

For the vehicle systems to operate as designed it is critical that the trailer is detected. With our JaegerCANtrol and Jaegertronic modules trailer detection is automatic.


Hide the trailer at your own risk

In order for the vehicle to compensate for towing, it must be able to detect that a trailer is connected to the vehicle. This is critical as many changes have to be made to the systems of the vehicle. This includes trailer stability programs, brakes, suspension systems, engine cooling system, parking aids, blind sport information systems and reversing cameras to name just a few.

Cheaper universal wiring solutions try to hide the trailer from the vehicle.  This could potentially be disastrous as vehicle manufactures have now designed their system in such a way that trailer detection is a must. They have created special programs and adjustments to critical systems in the event of a trailer being detected. Towing changes the dynamic characteristics of a vehicle dramatically. Adjustments have to be made to suspension, brakes, cruise control as well as other dynamic safety features of the vehicle.

Trailer detection is achieved either through a micro switch or directly by the trailer control module. These are only effective using make and model specific wiring systems.