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Jaeger Box
ISOBUS Breakaway Connector (IBBC)
Jaeger Box
9-Pin ISOBUS plug



ISOBUS technology standardizes communication between tractors, implements and agricultural (office) software. With the ISOBUS components - the technical term is IBBC (ISOBUS Breakaway Connector) - ERICH JAEGER offers the whole range of ISOBUS products, given its many advantages, is unique worldwide.

ISOBUS Breakaway Connector (IBBC)

    The same locking system for closed cap and inserted plug
    Quick release mechanism possible through ball locking clamp, if the plug is removed accidentally, the socket is not damaged
    A two-part adhesive is used to provide a waterproof seal for the printed circuit board inside the connector.
    Dispensing with the classic injection molding process means that no hairline cracks can occur or components can be damaged when casting
    Captively integrated cover seal
    Cover with center alignment for maximum seal in an unmated state
    Radial seal between the connector housing and the contact insert


9-Pin ISOBUS plug, on implement side

    Easily attachable
    Optimized handling
    Suitable for connection cables and corrugated tubes
    Generous space inside the connector for connectorization
    Very resistant to soiling due to optimized cover support and optional dirt cap


4-Pin plug, ECU/pass-through, on tractor side

    Connector seal optimized with three-point snap connection for even contact pressure
    Adaption to corrugated hose possible with cover (90° and 180° out)
    Family seal is held mechanically
    Cables up to 16mm² can be used



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ISOBUS Plug (ISO 11783-2) TECHnote