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JaegerCANtrol© Module - Diagnostics

JaegerCANtrol Module
Normal Operation
No CAN Data = Standby / Sleepmode
No LED Signal = Normal Operation


JaegerCANtrol Module
Normal Operation
Trailer not connected
Constant GREEN signal = Normal Operation


JaegerCANtrol Module
Normal Operation
Trailer connected
Flashing GREEN signal = Normal Operation


JaegerCANtrol Module
Operational Failure
Trailer connected.
Constant RED signal one time for a maximum of 5 minutes only after switching ignition on. Trailer tail lamps will also remain on for max. 5 minutes.
No CAN signal to module due to:
Poor CAN connection or
CAN wires connected the wrong way around


JaegerCANtrol Module
OperationaI Failure
No LED Signals.
Possible Causes:
No Earth Connection to PIN 1 of module
No Power to PIN 17 of module


JaegerCANtrol© Digital Control Module - Diagnostics

The JaegerCANtrol© Digital module has now been upgraded with the addition of a diagnostic LED at the back of the module.

This LED will show various signals in RED or GREEN to indicate normal operation or fault modes.

This now allows the installer to quickly diagnose any possible connection or fitment issue. They guide you in the direction of the most likely connection issue such as a broken earth or power connection as well as possible CAN signal connection issues.

It can sometimes take time to identify if the problem is due to a CAN signal error or a power/earth error. With this new system you will quickly know which connection issue it might be.

On vehicles with a two wire CAN (Excludes GM based vehicles that use only 1 wire) it is very easy to get the CAN High and CAN Low connections mixed up. This new LED will quickly tell you if this is the case.

Click on the link below to download the full Instruction sheet for this new feature.

Diagnostic LED Instructions