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7P/24V/12V - Multi Volt ABS/EBS Connectors

Jaeger Box



The ABS/EBS/ADR (ADR = Dangerous Goods Compliant) connectors are used on nearly every commercial vehicle type with ABS/EBS System. They show safety features like automatic ejection of the plug from the socket in case of an insecure connection. (Ejects the plug if the clevis lock is not fully engaged)
The Multi Volt solution works on both 12V and 24V solutions. All connectors are dangerous goods (ADR) compliant. The letter inserts are red and features warning tags to alert the user to only use it on matching voltage systems.


    System meets the high requirements of modern trailer connectors.
    Fits both 12V and 24V EBS/ABS sockets
    Prevention of a faulty connection due to an ejector pin mechanism in the socket
    Easy and efficient assembly
    Warning flags on the coil to ensure safe application
    Systems specially designed for the application
    Waterproof to IP 54
    Crimp contacts for OE-purposes
    Screw contacts for spare part purposes


Instruction Manual