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For the North American and Australasian tractor-trailer connector market (SAE J560), we have an all-new solution with outstanding features for our customers.
In comparison with existing product designs, we are able to enhance the application in terms of

    Increased Reliability
    Easier Maintenance
    Lower Cost



    Contacts feature individual wire-seals to ensure water-tightness to IPX4
    Cover and mounting flange have active-seals for water tightness to IP54, adaption of corrugated tube
    Premium cover seal and unique central-load spring ensures water tightness (IPX4) when plug is not connected
    Plated contacts and active face seal prevent corrosive damage to contacts when plug is connected
    Flange seal is available to prevent water ingress between the socket and the vehicle or nose box
    Stainless steel mounting bolt bushings allow higher tightening torque


    Modular design for easy repair or replacement
    Harness connector secured to socket housing with secondary locking feature
    7-pin sockets and harness connector housings are labeled and color coded, Green = SAE-J560, Yellow = SAE-J560 AUX
    Custom cover lettering available
    90° or straight back-shell cover is easily removed and replaced for service and repair

Lower Cost

    No preattached expensive jacketed cable
    No over-mold tooling, process, and materials
    Increased flexibility of harness supplier selection
    Production process for harness maker is commonized with all other vehicle component harnesses
    Contact crimping and insertion can be performed by any harness manufacturer
    Lower weight contributes to lower operating costsnd repair


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