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2P / 24V Charging Connectors - VG 96917

Jaeger Box



The 2-pin 24V connectors according to VG 96917 are mainly applied by the armed forces because of the military authorization according to VG 96917 and the assigned NATO stock numbers. As the connectors are increasingly used in the civil sector due to the dependable, sturdy design and the ability to transmit high or very high currents, ERICH JAEGER also offers versions for civil applications.

Mostly used for:

    Battery charging and charge maintenance
    Jump-start of trucks and cars
    Tail-lifts on mobile vehicles
    Stationary lifting ramps
    Electrical extension or shortening of flat bed trailers
    Moving of silos on silo-vehicles



    Design is based on military requirements
    High performance crimp/soldering contacts (silver-plated brass contacts with spring ring)
    Capable of carrying high currents
    Circumferential radial seal protects the thread at the socket from dust and dirt
    Plastic contact insert guarantees simple and audible locking
of the contacts without any supplementary tools
    Easy and efficient assembly
    Connectors available as aluminum or plastic version
    We also offer customer specific solutions


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