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13P / 12V - Connectors - ISO 11446



The new 100% watertight 13-pin 12V connector system by ERICH JAEGER sets the new standard in this segment. It follows our philosophy that we make connections between vehicles and trailers easier and safer. The sophisticated, double contact system with primary and secondary lock makes together with individual wire seals the penetration of moisture into the vehicle board network impossible. Even under the most extreme conditions, the system provides 100% water-tightness. Also the draining of a sport boat into the water (submerging of the connection system) masters our connector without difficulty. The connector system satisfies all require-ments of original equipment manufacturers in the automotive industry such as the protection IPX7 (waterproof up to 0.5m depth) and IPX9K (protection against water during high pressure-/ steam jet cleaning). In addition to the water-tightness our new 13P/12V system has greatly simplified the installation options (Plug & Play).

The 13-pin 12V connector system was designed by ERICH JAEGER at the end of the 80´s because of higher requirements of the automotive industry. The increased contact number in comparison to the 7-pin system allows the transmission of all light and additional electrical functions with only one plug.

Features of the 100% watertight system

    100% water barrier from plug side to cable harness side, even when a plug is connected
    100% watertightness from cable harness side through single wire seals
    Protection IPX7 (waterproof up to 0.5m depth) and IPX9K (steam jet resistant)
    Contact insert with second contact safety (OE standard)
    Easy handling for socket exchange in case of repair service (no soldering)
    Customer branding possible if required
    Rear cable outlet (grommet) can be positioned every 60° on the socket housing
    New socket design with compatibility for a lot of existing mounting plates (hole diameter from 42 mm)


Features of the conventional system

    System fulfills the high requirements of modern trailer connectors according to ISO 4091
    High performance cage-contacts
    Comfortable handling with bayonet lock
    Easy and efficient assembly
    Different terminals (screw-, flat terminals etc.)
    Systems specially designed for the application
    Sockets with switches available (for example to disconnect the rear fog light or park distance control)
    Maximum current with 2.5 mm² cores is 20A
    Waterproof according to protection class IP54K

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